Lifetime Income Nonqualified Solution

Lifetime Income NonQualified Solutions (LINQS+)

LINQS+ delivers executive, director, and shareholder benefits:

  • Enhances defined benefit SERPS
  • Lifetime benefit to executives
  • Cost saving to the bank and shareholders
  • Final benefit is not contingent upon investment performance

Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans (SERPS) remain an integral part of executive benefits within the banking industry.

However, with the longevity of life expected to increase in the coming decades, traditional, period certain SERPS have become antiquated.

Our Patent Pending Proprietary Solution Extends Executive Benefits While Reducing Traditional SERP Expenses Up to 50%.

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We are your ONLY source for LINQS!

LINQS+, a patent pending, proprietary solution developed by Compensation Advisors and Meyer-Chatfield Group, provides a LIFETIME benefit while reducing the associated expense of the plan to the bank.

In addition, LINQS+ can be integrated with existing plans, providing LIFETIME benefits to the participants.